1) Go to www.charmsoffice.com
2) In the upper right corner, click the green “ENTER/LOGIN” and select “Parents/Students/Members”
3) Enter the school code: ridgeviewmsband
4) Enter the Student Area Password (your child’s 6-digit student ID number without any letters)
5) Click the blue “Update Info” icon to verify your contact information; Be sure to click the green “Update” button in the top right corner if changes are made
6) Click the red “Finances” icon to see what payments we have received and what payments are needed; All fundraiser profits will be posted online as well
7) You may log-in at any time to access this information


Student Financial Accounts

What are they?  Every student in the Ridgeview Middle School Band has an individual “student financial account.” This account is tracked through our online database program called Charms Office Assistant. Money in the student financial account is held by the school, and it cannot be withdrawn at any time. The money in the account can be applied towards paying fees, paying for trips, or to purchase supplies sold through the RMS Band (reeds, valve oil, etc.).

How do they work?  Students start band with a zero balance. Accounts are adjusted once fees are assessed, trips are assigned, fundraising takes place, or a deposit is made. If a student has a positive balance at the end of the school year, the remaining money is rolled over to the next school year. A student who quits the band program forfeits any positive balance into the general fund. Any student who has a negative balance at the end of the school year or upon leaving the program will be required to make payments to bring the balance to zero.  Round Rock ISD reserves the right to withhold student grades for students who owe money to the band program.  All remaining money left in a student account at the end of the eighth grade year will be zeroed out and moved to the general band fund.