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While the directors are willing to help students who ask, private lessons go above and beyond what we are able to provide. Through private lessons students gain valuable one-on- one instruction from a professional musician who plays their instrument. Private lessons are for ALL students – those wishing to advance more quickly on their instruments as well as those who struggle in certain areas. We have found that the top players in the band program are generally those who are taking regular private lessons.

We strongly encourage all students to take private lessons. Lessons are once a week for either 30 minutes each ($17-$23 per lesson) or 23 minutes each ($12-$17.50 per lesson) depending on the teacher’s credentials and experience. We work hard to hire/maintain the best teachers in the area, and we believe that you will find private lessons to be well worth the investment of time and money! If financial constraints prevent you from making a commitment to private lessons, please consult a band director so that we can make every effort to assist you. Please do not let money be an issue preventing you from signing up for private lessons.

Private lessons are arranged through the lesson teacher. The lesson times/days and payment schedule are agreed upon with the teacher, not the school. Lessons take place on campus and occur before/after school or during the student’s band class depending on the teacher’s schedule. Students are expected to commit to a full academic year of private lessons. If a situation arises that prevents a student from fulfilling his/her commitment to private lessons, please contact a band director immediately. Students who take private lessons may count time and a half for their lessons on their practice log! Therefore, a 30-minute lesson counts as 45 minutes of practice time.


Private Lesson Instructors

Nicholas Balleza

Rusty Holmes

Tony Wise

Tuba & Euphonium
Dan Troiano

Tyler Dempsey

Mason Voskamp

Ian Fry

Nicholas Goodwin

Jasmine Kienne

Ashley Cook

Brian Gnojek

Sally Charboneau

Shih-Min Tang

Dan Bechdolt